How To Write A Strong Life Story

I think one thing for me and when I reading and I think to be a weaker piece of you were your essay is if you are just recounting things that have happened to you so like you start from childhood like at age five this happened at age ten that’s happened at age 15 has happened I mean that these are significant life experiences that you may have had but I think the way that you can present them in your essay can really make a difference when we’re reading and just the way that you want to portray yourself and whatever happened at certain points throughout your life so I’m kind of thinking about being more reflective and put you’re saying instead of just almost stating the facts like this is what happened and and then this happened and then this happened yeah the s he’s not like a timeline where just say I was born here and then we moved and then this happened and now I’m here.

I mean even though that is like you know basically maybe your life and in that shot it’s not giving us really any sense of how you felt about your life tonight like how you 7s I said how you were funny how you punch it on it yeah that’s definitely something that you see a lot of I think it’s because it’s a battle yeah so you feel like you have to write your biography well the reality is you can leave hugged each other it’s fine you can leave out some sections of your life but like just comes along if you say about it yeah because we have a limited amount of space use it use every word carefully right so the laundry list talking about your things that occurred that exist elsewhere in your application that’s definitely I think the weakness mentioned this earlier but when you when you’re so proud of a sibling or a parent or a grandparent or an aunt like someone who was a very important figure in your life I’ve seen essay is that most of the space takes up its is the student explaining that person’s like yeah and then the very end say and I am Who I am today.

Because this person but we actually haven’t seen who you are so if you are if you do have that important figure by all means that put them in there but don’t tell us their life and their struggles from like day one up until now use that to describe who you are and why you why why this person is there is a great influence on you what you’ve learned from them as opposed to describing their life alright um what are your thoughts on taking creative risks with essays so have you seen any that turned out really well and on the flip side what are some that have not gone so well thank you see ya so so before I I read for crisper days to read Harvard University and I even remember what I say that really stood out to me that was just more of a creative writing piece it was probably about food.